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Companion Care Services

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The decision to seek out companion care services for an aging parent can be a difficult one. However, there is nothing wrong with companion services, and it is genuinely one of the best things you can offer an aging parent or relative. As people get older, they increasingly need and desire a social support network that includes regular companionship and social interaction. Through the death of a spouse or different life circumstances, many will reach an age where the necessary camaraderie is no longer a given or readily available. That’s why we offer our companion care services, which provide a holistic solution to senior isolation.

Our companion care services will provide your parent with a much-needed companion and friend during this most vulnerable stage of their life. The many benefits of a provided companion are intangible but very relevant to the health and well-being of your parent. Companion services have been shown to alleviate depression and anxiety by reducing the experience of loneliness many feel as they age. Studies and research have shown that adults living with regular social interactions enjoy a higher quality of life and tend to live longer.

You will have peace of mind knowing your parent is still enjoying the small moments in life and getting the healthy dose of friendship that they need. Having a specialized and trained companion with whom they can enjoy games, movies and ordinary life will leave you better able to enjoy your time away from your parent and as well as the time spent with them. Our professional caregivers have a servant’s heart and are vetted and selected by our senior staff. They will be the much-needed partner for conversation, general enjoyment, games, activities, and other aspects of daily life. Birthday celebrations, visiting friends, outings and other memorable events can still be enjoyed when you utilize senior companionship.

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