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Elderly Care Planning

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Broaching the subject of elder care planning is never easy and can present many obstacles for the family of an aging loved one. Discussing and making decisions about the future of a loved one can present many inherent challenges and difficult conversations. However, bringing the family and support network together to discuss a loved one’s changing situation is a crucial step in elder care planning. At Faithful Servants, we believe that, with the right guidance, navigating the next stage in your loved one’s life does not have to be difficult, and we have several experienced care planners that can walk you through this process.

What Should Be Included in an Elderly Care Plan?

  • Current and projected health and care requirements 

  • Complete financial picture, including retirement income, social security, insurance policies, stocks, and all other income-producing assets 

  • Desires of your elderly loved one regarding how they want to spend the latter portion of their life, including delegation and management of the estate, if necessary 

  • Assisted care options such as in-home care or companion services

What Can You Expect From Your Elder Care Planner?

  • Overview of possible assistance options

  • Layout of the process to receive public assistance and potential hurdles involved

One of the first steps involves simply sharing information and ideas about what consistent care should look like for your relative and their individual requirements. Many small decisions and considerations go into elder care planning. Senior assistance planners take an all-encompassing view on financial planning and use a holistic approach to tackling long-term care challenges. This involves taking a deeper look at who is able to help provide care, their schedules, financial considerations, and more.

Once everything has been discussed at length with all pertinent parties, we will provide you and your family with an outline of everything that was covered.  


Let us take the headache out of elder care planning so that you can navigate these times with clarity. All of our staff has been thoroughly trained to walk you through each step of the process, so there is no confusion or ambiguity for you or your closest family members.  


Call us today to set up an appointment with one of our advisors. We are standing by to help.

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